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Oklahoma City Gun Crime Lawyer

Fortunately, the state of Oklahoma is a Second Amendment-friendly state. However, there is still a wide range of penalties in place for those accused of violating the state’s gun laws. If you’re charged with a gun crime, our OKC gun crime lawyer is here to fight for you. Contact the Brilliant Brawler today.

Gun Crimes Lawyer | Here to Defend Your Second Amendment Rights

Accused of committing a gun crime in Oklahoma? Fear, not, for the Brilliant Brawler is here. Our seasoned OKC criminal defense lawyer has years of experience representing clients just like you, and we’re here to fight for the best outcome possible on your behalf.

Your Gun Rights in Oklahoma

The first thing you should understand is that as an Oklahoma citizen, you have several rights with it comes to owning and using firearms lawfully. To start, you do not need a permit to purchase, a registration of firearms, a licensing of owners, or a permit to carry rifles, shotguns, and handguns in the state of Oklahoma. The only restriction is for requiring a permit to carry a handgun, which states that you must be at least 21 years of age and not otherwise disqualified from owning a firearm. You should also note that Oklahoma observes the Castle Doctrine.

Gun Laws in Oklahoma

Though the state of Oklahoma does afford its citizens quite expansive rights when it comes to gun ownership and use, there are still various laws in place that all Oklahomans are required to follow. Some of the most important gun laws in Oklahoma are as follows:

  • It is illegal to sell or give a firearm to anyone under the age of 18 (unless you are their parent).
  • Convicted felons may not purchase or own firearms in the state of Oklahoma.
  • It is unlawful to purchase or otherwise give a firearm to a convicted felon, someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or anyone who is “mentally or emotionally unbalanced or disturbed.”
  • It is illegal to point a firearm at another person unless in an act of self-defense (whether loaded or not).
  • It is illegal to shoot a firearm into any dwelling or building used for public or business purposes. If you do so, you can expect to face felony charges.
  • You may not take part in any type of reckless conduct while in possession of a firearm.
  • It is illegal to possess a sawed-off shotgun or rifle.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with these laws so you don’t break them, even accidentally. You should also note that in many cases, if you are found to have used a firearm or another deadly weapon while allegedly committing another crime (such as robbery) you will likely face aggravated charges, which can warrant much harsher penalties.

Contact an OKC Gun Crime Lawyer Today

The bottom line is that if you find yourself accused of violating any of the state’s gun laws and you need a legal advocate who can effectively fight for you and your future, look no further than the Jones Firm, PLLC. Our legal team is here to fight for you, every step of the way. Contact us today so we can get working on your case.

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