Being charged with a sex crime can have some of the most severe implications of any crime. Not only can it leave a permanent stain on your record, but it can strain your relationships with friends, family, and neighbors. It is imperative to contact a professional and experienced attorney to ensure you are tried fairly and given the best defense possible. Luckily, an Oklahoma City sex crimes lawyer is ready to help you.

Refrain From Commenting on the Alleged Sex Crime

Though it may seem tempting to comment on your situation and deny or excuse the allegations, it is best to remain quiet. It can be difficult, especially if you know you are innocent, to listen to the comments or accusations of others. However, saying the wrong thing can only worsen your chances.

You should also utilize the right to remain silent when speaking with the police until you have the guidance of a lawyer. Getting an insignificant detail confused or omitted from your story can make you look unreliable and suspicious. Similarly, it can later be used against you.

Do Not Consent to Any Voluntary Searches

You should also refrain from consenting to any voluntary searches of you or your property unless otherwise advised by your attorney. Though voluntarily consenting may make you seem less suspicious, it means the police may not follow the proper steps to ensure the search is by the books. These searches include:

  • Providing DNA, like a saliva or hair sample
  • Granting access to your electronics
  • Allowing a search of your home.

Waiting until the officers have a warrant to search you or your property is crucial, as it ensures they have gone through the proper channels to get access to your home.

Hire a Sex Crimes Lawyer

While retaining a lawyer immediately may seem suspicious, it is crucial to protect you during the investigation. They can help ensure that your rights aren’t being violated by the police or prosecutors looking to get the case closed quickly.

If you’re charged with a sex crime, don’t wait until it’s too late. The Jones Law Firm will work tirelessly to help you receive the best possible outcome for the circumstance you’re facing.