When charged with a felony crime, you can expect intense consequences if convicted of the matter. However, if you were advised to take the charges to trial by an Oklahoma City felony defense lawyer, understanding what you can do before this process to increase your chances of a favorable outcome is critical. The following blog explores what you must know leading up to your felony trial and why enlisting the assistance of an attorney is vital to protecting your freedom.

What Can I Do Before My Felony Trial to Help My Case?

By far, one of the most essential things you can do before enduring a felony trial is to avoid social media. Anything you say online can be uncovered in the discovery process and held against you. Many people try to assert their innocence online, which can be twisted and used as evidence against you during your hearing. On a similar note, you should avoid speaking to anyone other than your attorney about your case. Your words can be taken out of context or manipulated to appear as though you are guilty.

If possible, you should gather and organize any evidence that can help prove your innocence. For example, if you are accused of murder but have a receipt that places you in a retail store two towns over when the crime happened, this can be invaluable to proving your innocence. You should collect text messages, emails, documents, and contact information for witnesses who can help speak to your whereabouts or provide testimony in your defense.

Finally, you’ll want to ensure you mentally prepare yourself to go through a trial. You will likely experience attacks on your character and complex, confusing questions. Doing what you can to stay strong is vital. Be sure to familiarize yourself with appropriate courtroom etiquette and follow everything your lawyer tells you to do.

Can an Attorney Help Me Before and During the Proceedings?

Before your trial even begins, your attorney will be working to help aid in your defense. They not only will be able to advise you whether you should accept a plea deal or proceed to trial, but they will also access information to help prove your innocence. Additionally, if you are going to trial, your attorney will work with you to prepare your testimony and answer questions from the prosecution. This is essential, as the prosecution will likely do everything possible to trip you up or make you look guilty.

During the trial, your attorney will not only come to your defense to cast doubt on the prosecution’s claims, but they will also ensure your rights are protected during the proceedings.

When facing a felony conviction, it’s imperative to take these charges seriously, as they can impact the rest of your life. As such, enlisting legal representation from the Jones Firm, PLLC, is critical to ensuring you have the best chance of a favorable outcome. Our team has the experience you need to guide you during this process. Contact us today to learn more.