Few things are worse than being charged with a felony crime. For many, it can be an overwhelming experience. That said, if you are currently facing criminal charges, now is not the time to panic; instead, you need to retain the services of a seasoned OKC criminal defense lawyer. Read on to learn more about how a competent attorney can help you through each step of the process ahead.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent You

Just some of the most important reasons why you should absolutely hire an attorney if you are facing felony charges of any kind are as follows:

  • A lawyer can protect your rights. Your attorney will have an understanding of the law, and your rights under the law. Your attorney can ensure those rights aren’t violated at any point throughout the process.
  • An attorney has an understanding of the criminal justice system. Your attorney can explain the charges against you, the penalties you may face, and help you understand how the prosecution may approach your case.
  • An attorney can build a strong defense on your behalf. Once your lawyer reviews your charges, he can then investigate the circumstances of your arrest and gather evidence to build a strong defense on your behalf. In the best cases, your lawyer can fight to have your charges dismissed altogether. In other cases, your lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea bargain on your behalf.
  • An attorney can represent you when it matters most. Often, criminal cases are heard in court. You need a lawyer who can effectively advocate for your future in front of a jury. Fortunately, you’ve just found that lawyer in the Brilliant Brawler.

The bottom line is that if you are being charged with a felony crime of any sort, the most important thing you can do is retain the services of a competent attorney who can fight your charges at every turn. Contact the Jones Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation with our dedicated criminal defense firm.