Speaking to the police about an active investigation or criminal case, even if you know that you haven’t done anything wrong. Police officers are individuals with their own biases, so there can unfortunately be situations where law enforcement officers accuse the wrong suspect or even pressure a suspect into a false confession. This leads to innocent people ending up behind bars for crimes that they didn’t commit. The good news is that knowledgeable law firms like ours work hard to ensure innocent people are protected from false accusations. To learn more about why you should contact a lawyer before answering a police officer’s questions. You may also reach out to an OKC Criminal Defense Lawyer for individualized legal counseling.


Yes, our law firm highly recommends hiring (or at the very least, speaking to) a criminal defense lawyer before you answer a police officer’s questions. This is because if you are a suspect in a criminal case, the police might not have your best interests in mind when interrogating you. Many people don’t even know that the police are legally allowed to lie to suspects in order to get information out of them. If you’re ever interrogated by law enforcement, you should use your right to have an attorney present during the questioning. A talented lawyer will be aware of the different manipulation tactics that police officers might use when interrogating suspects, and they can ensure that the officers don’t pressure you into a false confession.


Always remember that you can always use your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent when you speak to law enforcement officers. You don’t have to answer any questions that you don’t want to answer. If you do decide to speak to the police, never give them any information that could possibly incriminate you. Remember that anything you say to law enforcement could later be held against you in a courtroom. Don’t let the police trick you into believing you can “make a deal” with them to get out of trouble because this usually isn’t possible. It’s best to stay silent when you can and remember that the police could be giving you misinformation. Also, keep in mind that while the police can lie to suspects, you cannot knowingly lie to law enforcement officers. You could be criminally charged if you’re caught giving incorrect information to the police.

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