When falsely accused of a sex crime in Oklahoma, it may feel like your world has instantly shattered. Not only can this cost you your job and relationships, but you will likely lose your freedom. Understanding why wrongful accusations occur and how to combat them is critical to doing what you can to protect your livelihood and reputation. The following blog contains the most common questions you may have regarding these circumstances and how an Oklahoma City sex crimes lawyer can help you through these challenging times.

Why Do False Accusations Happen?

False sex crime accusations can happen for several reasons. Unfortunately, you may be criminalized for something you had no part in. The following are examples of why some may lie about being a victim of sexual assault:

  • Custody: If you are going through a custody battle with a bitter ex, they may lie and claim you have sexually assaulted them or your children to receive full custody.
  • Mental illness: In some instances, the accuser may have a mental illness that leads them to lie compulsively or create false memories of an event.
  • Cheating: Unfortunately, those who are not faithful to their partners may try to claim they are a victim of assault to avoid admitting they were cheating.

Regardless of the reason, being accused, let alone convicted, of a crime that never happened can destroy your life.

If I’m Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime, What Should I Do?

A false accusation can be extremely overwhelming, so knowing how to proceed through these times is crucial. If arrested, it is vital to invoke your right to remain silent. Unfortunately, many under arrest try to convince the police of their innocence and accidentally say something that will later be held against them. When placed under arrest, tell the police you are requesting an attorney and invoking your right to remain silent.

Even if you are not arrested but simply questioned by the police, you’ll want to invoke your right to a lawyer. Often, officers lie to you to get you to confess, even if you are innocent. However, you cannot lie to the police. As such, ensuring you have an attorney to guide you through questioning is critical.

Additionally, the police may even have the accuser contact you on a recorded phone call. The idea is that you will confess or justify why you committed the alleged crime. Even something as simple as apologizing to the caller can be used against you. If this occurs, politely but firmly tell the caller that you did not do those things and do not want to talk to them before hanging up.

The importance of connecting with an experienced attorney from the Jones Law Firm cannot be stressed enough. Our dedicated team understands the impacts a false sexual assault accusation can have on your life. That’s why we are committed to doing everything possible to help you during these challenging times. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.